Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Valley Terrorists Begin Rocket Campaign on Beverly Hills

The city of Los Angeles just unilaterally withdrew from the Valley. This oasis of jappiness, private schools and mini-malls finally gets the independence it's wanted for generations.

However, after Los Angeles left the valley, some citizens of this new autonomous entity decided it wasn't enough. They wanted more. Bel Air, Mulholland, Westwood, even my home town of Beverly Hills!

So what do these maniacs do?

They start digging up their water pipes (which the great city of Los Angeles gave them) and make rockets out of them to wreck havoc on the innocent citizens of the City.

What is the defense system the City has against these Valley terrorists? An alert system that sounds, "Color Red", giving people 15 seconds to find shelter.

The terrorists are also developing their rocket technology so their rockets will soon have the capability to reach Santa Monica and Venice, and as far east as Downtown and Pasadena. Before Kobe gets traded, the Staples Center will be hit.

Now apply this amazing fairytale I concocted (even though I wish the valley did become it's only little city) and apply it to Sderot and the whole western Negev region.

In August 2005, Israel pulled out of Gaza unilaterally. The disengagement, however, did not stop Palestinian terrorists from firing rockets on the innocent civilians of Sderot and the western Negev (first Qassam fired in 2001). The numbers have actually gotten worse.

In my made up story, people in the Valley start digging up the water pipes, which were given to them by the city of Los Angeles, to make rockets. Well, that's exactly what happens in Gaza! Yikes!

Qassam Rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists on the citizens of Sderot are made from water pipes given to them by the state of Israel.

And what do the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza use to launch these rockets? A mixture of potassium nitrate and sugar!

Also, Qassam rockets currently used by Palestinian terrorists have a reach of 4-8 miles and place more than 180,000 Israeli civilians at risk. And because they are developing their technology, rockets will soon hit Ashdod, and eventually Tel Aviv.

If Studio City terrorists started launching rockets similar to the Qassams fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza today - they'd definitely hit the 90210.

And just like the City in my story, Israel's only defense system against the barrage of Qassam rockets is the "Tzeva Adom" (Color Red) Alert System.

Just so you know, the alert system actually changed from "Shachar Adom" (Red Dawn) to "Tzeva Adom" because Israeli kids named Shachar were getting made fun of because of the alert system. Look at poor little Shachar, aaawwwww....

When Palestinian terrorists fire a Qassam in Sderot's direction, "Tzevah Adom" sounds throughout the city, giving people 15 seconds to take cover.

Imagine if I was sleeping in my bed at home in Beverly Hills and woke up to the sound of "Color Red", and had fifteen seconds to find cover. Would I run to the bomb shelter or pull the cover over my head and pray? Would't even be a question, my whole house would be protected!

In Sderot, I don't have time to reach the bomb shelter. Yesterday morning, two "Tzevah Adoms" sounded. I just pulled the covers over my head and hoped for the best.

So I've been in Sderot since Tuesday, volunteering for the Sderot Media Center ( check em' out!). They are a student-run organization that seeks to convey the Qassam rocket reality in Sderot and Western Negev to the Israeli and international community through media documentation, investigative journalism and providing tours of Sderot for diplomats, government officials and foreign press. The media center is active in the community as well, through theatre and art projects, and building bomb shelters.

Check out my future postings to find out more about my experiences here in Sderot!


Afayemarie said...

I love your amazing analogy with LA...This is wonderfully informative, please keep posting more. Blessings!

carnow said...

Hey Benji,

I'm Charlie, a student from the San Fernando Valley going to volunteer in Sderot in a couple days.

But sorry, if any place would want to unilaterally withdraw from LA, it would be the Valley from LA, and not LA from the Valley.

Y'all better not shoot rockets at us! :-)

Charlie Carnow