Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Stop Rocketing the Beer Factories, Idiots!

Yesterday was my first day back in Sderot since the Qassam attack on Thursday. I convinced my good friend David Lawrence Abraham to come down with me; I wanted to give him a tour – my first one!

As soon as we arrived into town, we headed directly to the police station. There we met these two young guys from New York (still a few years older than me), who just so happened to stop in Sderot (of all places) on their way to enjoying stuff, foreign to the western Negev, in Eilat.

I gave em’ a quick run down on Qassam rockets: what the different colors mean, their impact, how many are launched – all the good stuff. We go outside, and they ask me “so where should we go in Sderot, seems like a happening town” (it went something like that, they were pretty funny), and I’m like, “Yo, I’ll take you around, got a car?”

Knowing I needed to pick up my laundry and get a ride for David and I to Kibbutz Saad (where we were going for the afternoon), it was the perfect situation. Ari and Adam, the guys from New York, got a sick tour from the best tour guide in the Middle East, and David and I got hooked up with a ride.

After the police station, we headed over to the house severely damaged by a Qassam rocket nearly two weeks ago. It was really cool to see their reaction to what’s going on in Sderot; it showed there are people who care about this place.

But seriously, who stops in Sderot on their way to Eilat? Are you trying to ruin your day? It was awesome though, come back guys – beers are on me.

Something to note, one of the first things Ari and Adam said was, “Didn’t the terrorists hit the Carlesberg factory with a rocket – seriously, what the hell is wrong with them?” True that.

We then went to an outpost overlooking northern Gaza. Ari took his shirt off to prove to his friends he got “some rays” while in Israel, and I proceeded to explain them what’s going on in the happiest place on earth.

Where we were, you could see Beit Hanoun – the village from where the majority of Qassam rockets are launched on Israel – the Jebaliyeh refugee camp – a hotbed of pretty intense terrorist activity – and the home of the greatest economic center in the world – Gaza City!

If we went at a good time – between 6:30 and 9:00 AM – we may have seen one of those cute little terrorists launch a Qassam rocket. How sweet would have that been? Better than being on the news? Hmm, maybe I would have been on the news again (I got to get over myself).

I also showed them that there is a white, Israeli blimp flying over Gaza taking pictures of the area making sure no fishy activities are going down. Well – just things that are fishier than terrorists launching rockets on civilian populations, that’s not that bad. Here's a picture of Beit Hanoun - rockets are launched from here daily, yikes!

After doing the Gaza Strip, Ari, Adam, my boy D. Abraham and I went to Kibbutz Saad for lunch. Yesterday really rocked. Here's a picture of Ari, Adam and I with the Gaza Strip in the background.

Even after this past crazy week of CNN and “Hi Benji, I think I saw you on the news”, taking Ari, Adam and David around made me feel I’ve accomplished some good things over the last month. Showing these guys what’s going on in Sderot, and that more people need to know about this place, was one of the better things I’ve done while being in Sderot.

So I hope I run into some more people at the police station, but next time, maybe some cute girls instead. Seems like the best place to socialize in Sderot because if conversation ever gets awkward, you can just say, “Yo, don’t you like the coloring of the green and red rocket as opposed to yellow and red ones?” Those comments never get old…

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