Tuesday, December 11, 2007

State Against Fortifying Sderot Residents

I'm trying to imagine a scenario where governments in the developed world are against protecting their citizens.

And I can't! What's going on here? Why doesn't the Israeli Government want to protect its own people!

Here's the scoop: (Ynet article - yes, I'm a reliable source)

1) Sderot residents file high court petition demanding the government fund fortification for over 800 homes.
2) The petition claims the government is responsible for protecting them from Qassam rockets (duh!).
3) The state claims that current laws do not obligate them to fortify Sderot homes (are you serious?!).
Not protecting your citizens because you don't have to according to the law? That sounds a little unlawful to me...

Here's why Sderot needs protection. Look at this mayhem during a "Tzevah Adom" - no where to run, nowhere to go. Click Here.

In the state's response to the petition, it said, "It (fortifying residents' homes) affects the ability of residents in the conflict area to remain steadfast in the face of the attacks as well as various budgetary repercussions."
Remain steadfast and budgetary repercussions?

That makes me want to vomit.

Do you really believe people here in Sderot won't remain steadfast if you give them a little help? Maybe you'd actually give Sderot citizens the opportunity to have some normalcy in their lives. Remaining steadfast... Thanks for the compliment.

Budgetary repercussions - People are dying and suffering because you don't have the cash? Show me the money!

I love this country. I'm definitely a Zionist. But the Israeli Government is wrong and I'm comfortable speaking out against them on this issue.
Sderot's residents deserve protection.

Sderot's children deserve some sense of normalcy.

Sderot deserves our help.

Anyone disagree with me?

Lets help them out. Talk to me, email me (Benjidav@gmail.com). We can do something about this.

We can protect Sderot from the terrorists - it's up to you.