Sunday, December 16, 2007

Qassam Hits Close to Home

I lived on Kibbutz Saad (7 minute drive from Sderot) for three months during the spring of 06', volunteering with kids in the elementary school and in after-school activities.

I got a call from my "Kibbutz Mom" (she rocks, but my mom back in b-hills is still the best), while I was on my way to Jerusalem Thursday evening, that two kids I know from Saad - Roe and Rome - were entering Rome's house in Sderot (they're neighbors) when a Qassam fell on
Rome's house (5 minute walk from me).
Rome and Roe are alright. But Rome's mom was the 40 year old woman lightly-moderately wounded by the Qassam. Their house is not protected from rocket fire; the usual in Sderot.
Hey Olmert you home? Some people I know need a little help, care at all?

I saw Roe today on the Kibbutz playing with his friends - and he just witnessed a rocket fall right in front of him three days ago. What a guy (I mean 8 years-old boy).

The madness just gets worse. Today the Jerusalem Post reported:

A rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists from Gaza wounded a two-year-old girl in a community on the Gaza-Israel border, Israeli police and rescue services said Sunday.

The toddler was injured by shrapnel and taken to hospital, and her mother was being treated for shock, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.
Pictured to the right is the Qassam fired today on the Kibbutz near the Gaza border. On it is written "Qudz" (Jerusalem in Arabic).
I wonder why terrorists would write Jerusalem on their rockets? Is it because they want to wipe out the Jewish people and take over all of Israel? No, couldn't be, could it? That's just not nice...
Okay, enough with the sarcasm.
While in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv this weekend, people kept asking me - why are you staying in Sderot if you're so anxious about the Qassams? I replied:
Yes I am anxious; the rockets consume my daily thoughts - when I sit in my room, when I walk around the city, when I go to the bathroom. But, I'm only here three more weeks. The other 20,000 people in Sderot are here to stay forever. I think I can stick it out for a little bit.
So, I'm sticking it out. But don't be surprised if I'm on Lexapro pretty soon.

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