Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's Raining, Water?

I walked into the kitchen this morning at 7:20 AM in my tennis garb to hear Stan say - "It rained". I go, "Water? From the sky?"

The first time it's rained in centuries (probably months) in the western Negev had to be the morning I planned on getting on the tennis court again, as the expectation for it to rain rockets has yet to come to fruition.

Last night, I bought tennis balls for my anticipated match with Stan- over $7 plus later (29 sheckles).They were the last can of tennis balls in all of Sderot. An hour later I saw a movie - just 5 bucks (20 sheckles).

Can you believe tennis balls cost more than a movie? Love this little town - except when rockets land two blocks away from me!

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