Sunday, December 30, 2007

David Beckham in Sderot

After the presentation with the WUJS (talked about it in prior entry), I saw some kids outside the cinema playing soccer (futbol). I've never really enjoyed the sport, you know, it's for Europeans. That withstanding, I still joined on in and played a little.

I got in the action, starting kicking the ball around. Then I proposed an idea to the kids. Let's play a game. And of course the 11 year olds were like, hell ya we want to play a game.

This was the game.

I was the goalie. Each player (11 year old kid) got three penalty shots on me in goal. Whoever made the most - obviously - would be the winner.

In 3rd grade, I was the best goalie in the Macabee League (Jewish league in L.A.) - or so I like to think. So I brought my "A" game - 110 percent baby.

I shut Shaked (one of the kids) down - 0 for 3 - sorry buddy. But the other two kids, they got one goal on me. I was just being nice though.

After the game, we just played with the ball for a while. Then I told em' I had to go. The kids asked me, "So are you coming back tomorrow?" I responded, "Same time?" In some rambled Hebrew I didn't really understand, I think they said - "Alright, your on!"

So during the presentation before I played soccer with the kids, people were arguing on what should be done to help Sderot. Many simply blamed the Israeli Government for not stopping the rocket fire, not protecting the city and calling on the government to act now to fix everything - not really offering any real solutions to what we, as caring students, could do to help.

To me, it's simple - what we as human beings, not just Israelis and diaspora Jewry, need to do.

First, spread awareness about what's going on in Sderot.

Second, just come here and hang out with the people, play with the kids. Show them we care.

So tomorrow at 5 PM, I got a soccer play date outside the Cinema.

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