Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blue Label's on Me

Today the Sderot Media Center did a presentation for 120 students from around the world on a trip to Israel with thel World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) - great networking opportunity if you know what I mean.

We started at the police station and ended up at the Sderot Cinema to watch important videos and hear from important speakers on the situation in Sderot. We heard from Tal, one resturaunt-bar owner in the town.

She retold the story of when a Qassam landed thirty feet outside of her eatery, while she and her cook were preparing the grub an hour before opening. Someone in the audience asked:

"So what did you do right after the Qassam fell?"
Tal responded, "Drank a cup of Whiskey - relaxed - and then opened the resturaunt on time - with the broken windows and all".

Someone else asked why she opened a resturaunt-bar in Sderot. The eatery owner said people here in Sderot also have lives; they like to eat, drink, go out on dates, do things you guys do.

It's true. Why shouldn't Sderot have a bar? If the people here can go out and have a drink an hour after a Qassam lands just thirty feet from the bar, they deserve unlimited alchohol. Blue Label is on me - go ahead Sderot, drink away.

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