Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bye Sderot

My flight to England (where I'm going to study this upcoming semester) boards in 10 minutes. I've officially left Sderot for now (much to my parent's happiness), but there's no doubt in my mind, I will be back.

I dreamt last night of Qassams; thought I heard a boom as I woke up. The alerts in the airport as you wait for security sound like the alert before the "Tzevah Adom" sounds. I wonder how long it will take for me to forget the daily booms and alerts that were apart of my life for the last month. I wonder, will I ever?

Sderot will always be with me in my heart, and it should be for you too. My plight to help the people down there has only begun, for now I'm ready to engage the world, to spread the word of the constant horror and terror of life in Sderot.

In the coming week, I'm starting a blog with a Palestinian student at George Mason University (20 minutes from GW, my university in the states) workings as a freelance journalist in Nablus and Tehran for the next six months. We will discuss our opinions regarding our opinions of current events in the Middle East. Should be feisty, should be interesting, wouldn't you say.

I'll update you when the time comes.

That's all for now. Got to get to my flight.


Kristen Mooney said...


I'm Kathleen Hasay's roomate at USC, I have been reading you blog and you say that you will be in England this next semester. I will be studying in Manchester and would like to meet you if you have a chance. Do you have a facebook?


Anonymous said...


Julia said...

I'm glad you and that Palestinian student are going to work together and write your insights about the Middle East. I feel sorry for all people living through war, yet I say there has to be a double standard in this issue. I ask, is what Hamas is doing to Sderot wrong? Of course it is. BUT, are Israel's actions against the Palestinians (as in, murdering civilians, imprisoning innocents, torture, house demolitions, war tactics which go against pretty much every bit of set ethics, etc.) also wrong? Yes - their actions are wrong as well. If the Israelis truly want peace they would get out of all the land they occupied in 1967 instead of blaming "the terrorists" for everything.

Good luck with your schooling.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are no longer in Sderot and writing first-hand accounts of life in the midst of terror. The world needs to know. Please urge your friends there to write blogs. To update the world on what it is like to live in a city targeted for death by an unrelenting enemy.

Israel cannot and will not revert to pre-1967 borders. So the fight is not about that and never has been. Hamas is hell-bent on destroying Israel from within. The world must stop this terrorist regime once and for all.

Also, please carry on your valuable contribution to the blogosphere. You can start with the lamebrains at CNN and their ireport.com website. Thank you for all you have done to stop the violence. Your contribution to the discussion has already made a world of difference.