Friday, February 6, 2009

They listened to me!

Check out this article - UNRWA supsends Gaza aid after Hamas steals supplies

And this is being covered by international news agencies as well.

So here's the story. 

As soon as the UN aid - over 200 tons of grain, flour, etc - made its way through the Kerem Shalom Crossing from Israel into Gaza on Thursday, it was seized by trucks contracted by the Hamas Ministry of Social Affairs.

Are we seeing the emergence of the ruthless, Islamist, terrorist version of Robin Hood?

Hamas claims that the UN was distributing aid to their "enemies", and was being political in their actions, and therefore they needed to change the situation on the ground. 

This incident, which is the second time Hamas has jacked UN this week, is not a new trend. They love to take, take, take.

Nuaf Atar, a Fatah operative captured during last month's war in Gaza, told the Israeli Shin Bet (Security Agency) that the Hamas govenrment confiscated humanitarian aid Israel allowed into the strip during Operation Cast Lead, and sold it, when it was intended for all of Gaza at no price. (Jerusalem Post article)

Israel, which took a 3 hour ceasefire during the war each day in order to allow aid into the strip, the place where terrorists launched rockets in the direction of one million innocent Israeli Muslims and Jews, has been blamed for the humanitarian issues in Gaza, when in fact, Hamas had been preventing the aid from getting to innocent Palestinians the whole time.

Ummm, so who is at fault for Gaza's woes? 

According to the Jerusalem Post, "Officials in Jerusalem said the announcement by UNRWA constituted a UN approval and confirmation of Israel's position, that Hamas is using the Palestinian population in gaza "cruelly and cynically" and is solely responsible for hardship there."

Finally, the U.N gets it! 

Their actions say something, but now lets put it into words. 

Let's see the security council come out with a resolution against Hamas brutality in the Gaza Strip, and blame who is really responsibly for the "humanitarian crisis" in Gaza. 

Furthermore, I'd like to see the "moderate" leaders of the Arab World and their friends in Europe condemn Hamas for the hardship in Gaza.

So in short, those in the world - especially Turksih Prime Minister Edrogan (ucch this Guy needs to chill, but that's a whole different story) - condemning Israel for causing a humanitarian crisis in Gaza need to shut it! 

If I screamed from the rooftops and people listened, this is what I would say, "Can someone important with a lot of power and world influence communicate to his or her important powerful friends that Hamas steals from their own people, makes money off of their crimes, and then they get away with it because everyone is wrongfully blaming Israel's "blockade" and "occupation". 

If only my mom were not the only person who thinks I'm an important, powerful person with a lot of influence...

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