Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No Hudna Please

The ruling regime in Gaza, Hamas, wants to establish a "hudna" (truce) with Israel. Yet after the early "Tzevah Adom" warning this morning, I heard the boom of a Qassam rocket. Even though Hamas is not firing Qassams at Israel right now, they are facilitating the launching of Qassams by other terrorist organizations - most notably Palestinian Islamic Jihad - by giving them rockets.

And more importantly, Hamas launches mortal shells at army bases and communities in the western Negev daily. How do you expect to have a ceasefire when you can't even display one day of restraint?

Hamas has thousands of Qassams stored, ready to fire them at the western Negev as soon as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) invades Gaza in its defensive mission to stop the rocket fire on its civillian communities. "Hudna"? Are you kidding me!

The only way to stop the daily Qassam fire is an IDF incursion into Gaza. But word on the street is (what I read in the news), IDF casualties would be higher than the 119 that died during the Second Lebanon War if it enters Gaza.

Another word on the street (something else I read in the new) is that Israel needs to continue with targeted killings of terrorists in the Gaza Strip. The Israel Air Force (IAF) recently killed 13 terrorists - mostly affiliated with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad -in air strikes. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is claiming to get revenge, but after the targeted killings, things are more quiet then usual down here.

The terrorists want a truce to build up their capabilities against Israel. "Hudna" equals less terror now, but when the time comes, the terror will be much worse than we're seeing today.

The idea of a "Hudna" means halftime to the terrorists. Time to regroup and when you got a better game plan, then you attack with greater force. Israel needs to get em' while still ahead.

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