Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Have it My Way - Get a Job!

It's kind of nerve wrecking that it's been a few days since a rocket landed in Sderot.

You terrorists better not be planning something big. I really don't like you- get a job or something (Mickie D's builds careers!).
Sheesh. Or, have it your way (Burger King slogan).

Oh ya - Poverty? authoritarian regime (Hamas)? no civil rights? Ah - there aren't any job opportunities in Gaza.

For those older readers, remember when the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza - under Israeli rule - had the 4th largest growing economy in the world during the 1980's(Palestinian Media Watch)?

Then came the first Intifada in 1987and you know what, bye bye growing economy.

Twenty years later, the socio-economic state in the Gaza Strip has never been worse. Not even this guy (Alan Greenspan)
could help you.

I got some advice. Ditch the terrorism!

It'll do you some good.